Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Malaysian Seks Scandal a.k.a Aksi-Aksi Seks Melayu

Couple dating in a park (skodeng)
'Skodeng' couple dating in a park

So interestingly, the internet and web have always been subjected to the use of viewing illegal materials such as porn, gambling, sex and other stuff. Harian Metro Online featured this article "4,000 klip tersebar", the article highlighted that over 4 thousand porno clips were distributed through a number of websites. These clips include teenagers in school uniforms making out and having sex. Other extreme clip featured Malay Women wearing 'tudung' in action.

Clearly that this problem is not new and have always been haunting our community and culture. The article stated that the action of those women are bring very negative and shame to the image of Islam. Well of couse it does, but what you must remember is that these are all human beings. No matter what religion, they will sometime secumber to their desire ie making out in public places.

They is no easy way to handle this, the law in Malaysia has always been specific against porno and oviously the Islam law is also very strict.

But what is interesting is that there are some many Malaysians that are interested in watching naked or 'aksi-aksi' of other Malaysian. Truly there must be a fundamental reason for this? Is it because illegal or taboo activities draws interest? Maybe so, the only thing I can relate it to is that 'if you tell a teenager dont' make out with you girlfriend (ringan-ringan) then surely he will do it and furthermore he/ they may even do it in public places to experience the thrill. Well I don't know what that 'thrill'. I have always thought that being intimite with a loved one should be done in privacy and not in some random places.

Well I guess this is where we are heading to, teenagers engaging in sexual acts is nothing new these days. I guess the only thing left for me to say is that the fundamental reason behind this is our culture and our education system. The culture and education system have made 'sex' to be so illegal and taboo that the curiosity is drawing teenagers to try.


Aksi Budak Sekolah said...

In my opinion, newspaper help to promote the porn among public freely since they told the story so detail that make people want to search and own it for them self... ?

A.I.M said...

saya rasa setuju dgn pendapat sepatutnya tidak mensensasikan berita-berita sosial kepada khalayak ramai. Surat khabar bukan dibaca oleh orang dewasa sahaja malahan remaja turut membaca akibat daripada font besar yang menarik perhatian. Isu-isu seperti gejala seks bebas, rogol, bunuh, kecurian, samseng jalanan dan lain-lain sepatutnya di paparkan di dalam bahagian lain pada surat khabar.